Watch: "Downistie," a sexy Dutch soap whose actors have Down Syndrome

Today’s Friday Free For All video (that’s our weekly non-film-related diversion) was an easy choice: Downistie, an actual Dutch soap opera starring an all-Down-Syndrome cast. I’m told it’s the Netherlands’ answer to our Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Somehow this has existed for more than a year and no one told me about it before now. You’re all fired. And yes, it was also the Dutch who brought us The Human Centipede. They are a sick people. Yet, now that I know this exists, I can’t help but pray that someone also makes Downston Abbey.

I don’t want to objectify the disabled or anything, but a couple of the chicks in there were pretty hot. Which raises an interesting question: would you have sex with someone who was really attractive, but also had Down Syndrome? Or better yet, would you have sex with a really attractive person, if doing so meant that you would have to have Down Syndrome. Discuss.

[thanks for the tip, Pat]