Watch Klown on Distrify, check out a free episode

As you may have noticed, Laremy recently reviewed Drafthouse Films’ latest release, the outrageous Danish canoe comedy, Klown. As Gene Shalit says, “A Danish comedy? Who canoe? Den-mark this one a winner!” Then there was my soon-to-be-award-winning interview with the stars from yesterday morning. Well, it’s no coincidence that we posted these things in the last few days, it’s because the movie is out this weekend. It hits theaters in New York, Los Angeles, and Austin today, and is available on VOD everywhere. ADDITIONALLY, you can stream it online through Distrify for $6.99. All you have to do is watch it below. If you don’t want to, feel free to just skip to the next post, and keep on truckin’. It’s cool, man, you do you.

Oh, and if free stuff is more your bag, Drafthouse is offering a free episode of the Klown TV show written by Lars von Trier which you can watch here. See? Our conception of Lars von Trier as a holocaust comedian wasn’t that far off after all.

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