VIDEO: Shia LaBeouf Loses His Sh*t, ‘Headbutts’ A Guy In A London Bar Brawl

The Beefster is back in the news again, poorly plagiarizing a move from the WWE by weakly headbutting a dude outside of the Londar bar, Hobgoblin, which is the same place he got into a brawl at in November 2012. This time, the other guy apparently talked trash about the mother of the woman LaBeouf was with. I can barely make out what is being said in the video, but The Daily News helpfully transcribed the conversation.

“What’d you say about my girl’s mom?” an agitated LaBeouf screams at the man, who is sitting down with his head lolling at the Hobgoblin pub. “Are you f—–g kidding me bro?”

LaBeouf, wearing a white baseball cap, then head-butts the man as two women — including one pleading with “Shia!” — try to restrain the actor.

“Don’t be sarcastic with us again,” a British woman chides the man after LaBeouf is pulled away. “Don’t even play smart.”

Well, there you go, folks: Shia LaBeouf may be a giant douche, but he’s a giant douche who stands up for the mothers everywhere by nuzzling his head into the head of the offenders and hurling profanities. So brave.

Source: TMZ