Watch Tommy Lee Jones Get Back In The Saddle Again In ‘The Homesman’

Every few years I find my self rocking back in forth in my rocking chair, nervously bouncing my leg and clenching my fists until I scream out loud, “When the F**K is Tommy Lee Jones gonna make another western?!” I then furiously scan Tommy Lee Jones’s IMDB page for movie titles that sound westerny. Much to my excitement, I recently found The Homesman in his queue and clicked the IMDB link, which revealed that TLJ was not only starring in this new western, but that he had also written and directed it. Since then, I have been eagerly awaiting the trailer for this film and I was quite pleased when Mr. Vincent Mancini (Filmdrunk Founding Editor and bastard son of Santino Corleone) sent me the link to it via Cinema Blend. Gabe Toro of Cinema Blend described the plot thusly:

This is the European trailer for The Homesman, where Tommy Lee Jones plays another one of his plainspoken, bitter old men. In this trailer, he’s moments from death before Hilary Swank saves him, and basically says, “Have I got a job for you!” The task? Escort three crazed, mentally unstable women across state lines.

At first glance, this trailer seems like your standard western. It’s got horses, lassos, nooses, rapists, guns, gross teeth, a gun-toting Tim Blake Nelson playing a rapist with bad teeth, American Indians, campfires… all that sh*t. It’s so conventional and cliched that it was kind of boring. But then, WHAM! Todd from Breaking Bad appears for a moment on screen, and I’m thinking “niiiice.” And then, BOOM! Out of nowhere Meryl Streep appears on screen, and I’m all “whaaaaaaa?” And before I have a chance to take a breath, BANG! James Spader is all up in my computer screen and I’m like “tiiiiiiight!” And then, WAHPAH! The end music from Argo plays and I’m sold. So, I guess you could say I’m intrigued.