This Week In Synergy: A&E Wants Ted To Stop By ‘Wahlburgers’

Mark Wahlberg is currently off living his A-list life while filming the sequel to the hit 2012 comedy Ted, but back at home in Boston, it’s business as usual for his brother, Paul, who runs the Wahlburgers restaurant that is now the subject of an A&E “reality” series. The network has already ordered another 18 episodes of the show after its debut on January 22, but producer Rasha Drachkovitch is still looking for bigger and better ways to make this the best show about famous brothers making hamburgers on television. His newest idea? Bringing in the foul-mouthed teddy bear star of Ted for an episode.

Having already teased the Wahlburgers faithful with the star power of eCig spokesperson Jenny McCarthy, Drachkovitch is hoping Mark can convince Seth MacFarlane to do him a solid and hook them up with all of the voices and special effects they’d need to drum up some serious ratings for one episode.

“Mark’s shooting ‘Ted 2,’ and we’ve talked about bringing Ted, the bear, into one of the episodes,” Drachkovitch told TheWrap. “Mark’s going to talk to Seth about it. We’re talking about doing it for Season 2. I would love to figure out the special effects and all to have a scene where he kind of plants the movie franchise with the television series. It would be wicked cool.”

“You’d come in with the bear — ‘Hey, where’s Paul Wahlberg?’” said Drachkovitch, doing Ted’s Boston accent. “Why not dream big?” (Via The Wrap)

Dreaming big would be asking Michael Bay to let Optimus Prime and Megatron have a battle for the universe in front of the Wahlburger’s fry cooker. Asking MacFarlane to whip up a Ted cameo is more like dreaming average. It’s a step above having someone walk around with a racist sock puppet on his hand.

Whether or not this happens is up to MacFarlane and probably Universal Pictures, but it still won’t hold a candle to the upcoming episodes “The Funky Bunch” and “The Real Entourage.” Will Mark’s real-life inspiration for the HBO series Entourage come face-to-face with the stars of the show and movie? That would be insane. Especially since it would force the universe to swallow itself, thus ending all life.