Weekend Box Office: ‘Captain America’ Finally Taken Down By Kate Upton’s Boobs

Kate Upton would have to do a lot more than bounce around in a bikini for me to want to sit through 90 minutes of Cameron Diaz’s shrill overacting (we’re talking gynecologically graphic here), but apparently America disagreed, as The Other Woman earned $24.7 million over the weekend to take the top spot from Captain America for the first time in three weeks. The $40 million budgeted comedy earned a B+ cinemascore, despite a 25 percent recommended rating on RottenTomatoes. Be prepared for many more tepid rom-coms in which she spazzes around yelling.

That 25 percent rating, incidentally, is still seven percent higher than Transcendence, which fell 62 percent from last weekend, down to $4.1 million, for a total of $18.5 million domestic and $51.6 million worldwide, on a $100 million budget. Ouch. You don’t have to agree with me that it wasn’t that bad (and was almost good), but come on, there’s no way it’s worse than The Other Woman. That thing looked like passing a kidney stone.

Captain America‘s $16 million put it over $645 million worldwide, making it the third highest-grossing Marvel movie behind The Avengers and Iron Man 3. If only we could somehow combine Kate Upton’s breasts and Chris Evans’ biceps, we’d have the ultimate unstoppable box office sex hybrid.

Meanwhile, the most mainstream Christploitation picture to date, Heaven Is For Real (review here), added $13.8 million for a $51.9 million total, on a $12 million budget. That’s right, it’s well on its way to tripling Transcendence‘s gross. After two weeks, it’s close to passing God’s Not Dead‘s $52.7 million gross after six weeks, which would be a shame, because at least God’s Not Dead is honest about what it is.

Elsewhere, Brick Mansions and The Quiet Ones had lackluster debuts, and things are pretty quiet until this weekend, which brings us The Amazing Spider-Man 2, in which Sony tries to Avengersize Spider-Man without benefit of a Robert Downey Jr.

1. “The Other Woman” – $24.7 million
2. “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” – $16 million ($224.8m)
3. “Heaven Is Real” – $13.8 million ($51.9m)
4. “Rio” 2 $ – 13.6 million ($96.1m)
5. “Brick Mansions” – $9.6 million
6. “Transcendence” – $4.1 million ($18.4m)
7. “The Quiet Ones” – $4 million
8. “Bears” – $3.606 million ($11.1m)
9. “Divergent” – $3.6 million ($139.4m)
10. “A Haunted House” – $3.2 million ($13.5m) [Indiewire]