Weekend Movie Guide

There are five big releases this weekend: Arthur, Hanna, Born to be Wild 3D, Your Highness, and Soul Surfer.  Here’s the rundown:

HANNA: CIA assassin Eric Bana, The Incredible Hulk, trains his daughter Susie Salmon to be an unstoppable, Cape Fear, riding-in-the-undercarriage-of-trucks-style killing machine.

RottenTomatoes Score: 70%

Gratuitous Review Quotes:

In the end there might not be much to this tale other than titillation, but there’s plenty to be said for Ms. Ronan, who was the best thing about “Atonement” and holds her ground against forceful screen presences like Ms. Blanchett and Mr. Bana. -Manola Dargis, NY Times

“Hanna” presents the problem of the well-made diversion that is, at its core, repellent.  For all its globe-trotting, the movie never goes anywhere. -Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

Hanna is a fairy tale of lightning speed, gritty action and shocking gravity, all driven by the electronic beat of a hypnotic score by the Chemical Brothers. [oh, barf]. –Peter Travers

Armchair Assessment: I had no interest in seeing this, probably because I’ll always associate Saoirse Ronan with Atonement and The Lovely Bones, and because Joe Wright seems like a grandstanding dick, but people seem to genuinely like it.  At the very least, it seems like a movie you could laugh at, what with Susie Salmon riding underneath army trucks and whatnot.

YOUR HIGHNESS: Danny McBride gets stoned with a minotaur while Natalie Portman’s butt gets some air.

RottenTomatoes: 23%

Gratuitous Review Quotes:

Like the best punk rock, Southern-rock, hip-hop or heavy metal, there’s a refreshing—corrective—honesty in the film’s irreverence. From the credit sequence styled after defaced storybooks to Thadeous’ odyssey of dangerous tasks and encounters with grotesque creatures (including a hyperactive Minotaur), the fantastic occurs without dulling the imagination as in Lord of the Rings. –Armond White