Weekend Movie Guide: A Premium Rush, Eh?

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08.24.12 22 Comments
Opening Everywhere: Premium Rush, The Apparition

Opening Somewhere: Sleepwalk With Me, Thunderstruck

Opened Wednesday: Hit & Run

FilmDrunk Suggests: I strongly recommend The Expendables 2 if you haven’t seen it yet. In fact, here is the review that I submitted to Fandango after seeing it last weekend:

Premium Rush

Rotten Tomatoes Scores: 74% critics, 78% audience

Gratuitous Review Quotes:

“Premium Rush earns its place as end-of-the-summer escapism, but I can’t say that it’s more than a well-done formula flick.” – Owen Gleiberman, EW

“Undeniably, the word ‘action’ does apply, but only as it falls between ‘class’ and ‘suit.” – Rick Groen, Globe and Mail (HEYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! SUCK ON THAT, MOVIE!)

Armchair Analysis: On one hand, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is red hot. 50/50, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Hesher, and I think Looper looks awesome. (Also, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra never happened.) That said, I get the feeling this is one of those, “Okay, Joe, we let you make your mopey cancer film and your 500 Days, now you owe us.” And he’s like, “A deal’s a deal” and the studio execs are like, “Good boy, now make that bicycle delivery guy movie” and he’s like, “Come on, really?” and they’re like, “Well, it’s that or we get your Cobra Commander mask out of storage” and he was like, “Sh*t, okay.” I don’t know, maybe Premium Rush is exciting, and I’ll decide that when I watch it on DVD.

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