Weekend Movie Guide: Magic Magic Mike, Y'all

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Opening Errwherrr, WHAT SON: MAGIC MIKE!, Ted, People Like Us, Madea’s Witness Protection

FilmDrunk Suggests: Come on, like you even need to ask. *Harlem shuffles, spins on head, robots into split*

"In this scene, Channing, I need you to show me mad player hating."

Magic Mike

Rotten Tomatoes Scores: 80% critics (!!!), 80% audience (Holy sh*tballs, this is an honest to dick-shaking God hit!)

Gratuitous Review Quotes:

“Moviegoers looking for a raunchy romp in Magic Mike are going to be disappointed. It’s more anatomy of a work-place than hedonistic hoedown, a depiction of a world where the bump, for all the cheap thrills it affords audiences of sorority sisters and office assistants, is as much a grind as any other job.” – James Adams, Globe and Mail

“But the real draw — almost outshining Tatum’s high-voltage appeal — is Matthew McConaughey, in what might be his best role yet as preening club owner Dallas. Borrowing a catchphrase from his iconic ‘Dazed and Confused’ character — ‘all right, all right, all riiiiight!’ — and more chiseled and leathery than ever, he schools the Kid (‘Who’s got the c – – k? You do! They don’t!’) and schemes about upgrading to big-time Miami.” – Sara Stewart, NY Post (Saying M.C. Conaughey steals the show? Lahhhhhhhhbreakah.)

Armchair Analysis: The big thing that Magic Mike has had working for it from the start isn’t a collection of beefcake actors taking it all off to cheaply lure women and their $12 to theaters. It’s that Steven Soderbergh still makes a very attractive film. Being filled with rippled beefcake bulges certainly helps, but there’s a chance that this is actually a great film. That said, I have heard nothing but good things about Magic Mike from all my lady womens who I assume killed other women to get into sneak previews this week. I’ve said before that The Vow was the funniest movie I’ve seen this year, and I expect Magic Mike to be a little more intentionally funny. Mad respek 2 C-Tates 4 comin’ up in dis Hollyweird game all proper n sh*t.

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