Who Will Be The Female Lead In ‘Entourage’? Kate Upton, Maybe

Now that the Entourage movie is a go, and all of the actors who have barely worked since the show ended in 2011 have stopped complaining that Jeremy Piven makes more money, Doug Ellin and Co. can get started on what really matters – packing the cast with all-star bros and the hottest babes in the game. And because Vincent Chase needs a smokin’ hotty to truly represent how awesome he is, The Wrap exclusively claims that Kate Upton is the right girl for the job.

I assume that’s because, like most of the show’s male stars, she has no real acting experience.

Though Upton has not been formally offered the role yet, she is in early discussions to join the cast, according to sources. While a representative for the swimsuit model-turned-actress has denied that any such talks are under way, they acknowledge that there was interest in Upton for the project earlier this year.

Warner Bros. had no comment. (Via The Wrap)

BOOM! That’s rock solid evidence right there. Sure, nobody but “sources” will say anything about whether or not Upton is actually being considered for the role, but when have “sources” ever been wrong? In the meantime, my own “sources” have given me this exclusive plot synopsis for Entourage:

Vince has been offered the chance to reprise his greatest character for the guaranteed blockbuster, Aquaman vs. Black Canary, but E is like, “Vinnie, they’re not paying you enough” and Turtle is all, “Bro, I need to take the private jet to China so I can make these kids sew an exclusive pair of shoes for me,” but Drama is like, “Bad news, bro, I’m hosting a wet t-shirt contest in Cabo with Brett Ratner, and he’s considering me for a role in Eskimo Warrior.” All the while, Vince is just trying to get his dick wet and stuff the trim of this hot babe, and Ari’s like, “Lloyd, you’re gay!” Will they get it all figured out in time for Vince to accept his Oscar for Paul Revere? Yes.

Man, it’s like I just watched the movie in my mind.

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