Willem Dafoe Would Like to Sell You a Car (Morning Links)

01.31.13 6 years ago 3 Comments

Satan Willem Dafoe should have countered with, “I’ll suck your d*ck.” [via Viral Viral]

Pulp Fiction almost starred Daniel Day-Lewis as Vincent Vega |Film Drunk|

Sometimes dogs need to be rebooted.
[via Awesomephilia]

The Woman Who Eats Cat Fur And 7 More Awesome Internet Finds From UPROXX Readers |Warming Glow|

The Internet’s 15 Best Tributes To Christian Bale |UPROXX|

For Absolutely No Reason, The Tim Duncan Outlet Pass Slow Jamz Mixtape |With Leather|

Here’s Amy Adams As Lois Lane |Gamma Squad|

Watch LL Cool J Performing Live In 1985 For A Group Of Kids |Smoking Section|

Dennis Pitta Is Not Elite-Level Ticklish |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Animals that don’t suck |theChive|

Ranking Liz Lemon’s “30 Rock” Boyfriends |Buzzfeed|

The History of Wooing Men With Music |Clip Nation|

6 Rock ‘n Roll Urban Legends—Debunked! |Mental Floss|

7 Greatest Card Sharks In Movie History |Screen Junkies|

Movie plotholes that will destroy your childhood |Fark|

Our Legally Required Jason London Poop Blog Post, Your Honor |Videogum|

2013 Oscar Predictions: Place Your Bets, Junkies |NextMovie|

The 7 Stages of Reddit Addiction |College Humor|

Megan Fox Is Probably Going To Quit Acting |IDLYITW|

Batman Fighting a Shark: Snow Edition |Unreality|

R Kelly As He Was Meant To Be |Holy Taco|

7 Once Beloved TV Characters We’ve Come To Despise |Pajiba|

Alec Baldwin’s Drunken Grizzly Bear Seed Is Strong |The Superficial|

Lake Street Dive – I Want You Back (Jackson 5 Cover) |High Definite|

Bro’s Incredible Cover of R. Kelly’s ‘Ignition’ Is Hot and Fresh Out the Kitchen |Brobible|


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