Michael Bay Decides Shredder Is White Now

William Fichtner, or that guy from the bank in The Dark Knight (I don’t recognize him from anything else because I’m like 9 years old), has been cast as Shredder in Michael Bay’s upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Shredder, aka Oroku Saki—who is definitely Japanese—has been played typically by actors who your average coked up producer would call “Definitely Asian, like, I mean are you kidding me? Where’d you say you were from? No, really from.”

Except one time Kevin Nash was Super Shredder, but whatevs. All’s fair in love and war and the path to Magic Mike.

But now, people are reasonably annoyed that Michael Bay has pulled a Michael Bay and offered up a solid “no thanks, jabroni, loll 8===D~~” to the notion of diversity and faithfulness in his adaptation. Maybe this is better, though. I remember a few of Michael Bay’s attempts at approaching minorities and they’re all aggressively racist, so, I guess it’s not as actively bad if he just, whitewashes his source material? I don’t know, man, I need another bump off of Megan Fox’s unexamined hypersexuality. I mean ass.

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