William Zabka Dressed Up As A 'Karate Kid' Skeleton For Halloween

Over the next few days, we’re going to see approximately 1 billion photos of random celebrities and famous people dressed up for Halloween parties, and this is basically my second favorite time of year, with the first also being Halloween, but for seeing babies and animals dressed up in costumes. That said, William Zabka might have already won the Halloween costume contest for Best Nostalgic Awesomeness for this skeleton costume that is a callback to his ultimate 80s movie villain, Johnny Lawrence, in The Karate Kid.

I do, however, have to deduct some points because, while I definitely appreciate a guy who embraces his career highlight* all these years later, it would have been 1,000 times cooler if he’d had a guy in a shower costume with him, and a million times cooler if that guy had been Ralph Macchio.

Still, today’s movie villains and their respective actors could learn a lot from Zabka. Especially how to properly feather their hair. Guy had it nailed.

*I will always argue that Zabka’s Greg Tolan in Just One of the Guys was a much more balanced and generally better asshole. He didn’t rely on karate training and special skills to take down his nerds. He simply tightened his fingerless gloves and lifted up that lunch table. Long live Greg Tolan, and also Terry Griffith’s prom reveal.

(H/T to Erik Davis)