Witness Edgar Wright’s Mastery Of The Closeup In This New Mini-Supercut

As we’ve discussed here a few times before, Edgar Wright rightfully gets a lot of credit for being one the few directors around that doesn’t just direct comedy, but uses unique framing and blocking to create visual comedy. Where most directors can film people being funny, Wright is one of the few whose visual style has a wit all its own.

This new supercut examines one small aspect of that visual wit: The Edgar Wright closeup. So many quick zooms, smash cuts, and sound edits. I actually hated the gimmickiness of this kind of close-up editing when I saw it in Requiem for a Dream, but it works much better for comedy. And of course, I can’t not include a gif of one of my favorite Edgar Wright shots:

In terms of visual wit, say what you will about the actual movie (and I will still defend it), but I thought Napoleon Dynamite’s opening credits were pretty great.