A Woman Was Jailed Because She Forgot To Return A VHS Copy Of ‘Monster-In-Law’ Nine Years Ago

There were millions of late fee jokes to be made when Blockbuster finally announced that its doors would be closing, but people should always know that they are never safe from the long arm of the law when it comes to a right as serious as movie rental. A 27-year old woman in Pickens, South Carolina was arrested and jailed last week because she failed to return a VHS copy of Monster-In-Law that she rented from a local independent video store in 2005. The store has long since gone the way of the Laser Disc, but Kayla Finley still finds herself in hot water because of the sacred trust that is shared between a video rental store and the customer.

What’s really bizarre about this case, aside from the fact that someone actually rented Monster-In-Law, is that the warrant for Finley’s arrest wasn’t just issued after someone knocked over a stack of papers and thought, “Oh my, this ruthless criminal mastermind must be dealt with.” Instead, the warrant was issued in 2005 after the video store failed to get in touch with Finley several times, and only now – nine f*cking years later! – did the police act on it and arrest her.

Fear not, people of Pickens. Your taxes are being put to exceptional use.

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(Via Fox Carolina, H/T to THR)