Get Steve Buscemi’s Face All Over Yo Bodaaay

Hey ladies, have you ever found yourself shopping for a new dress for a special occasion, but you’ve tried everything and just can’t find that “I want people to stare at me and then scream” look? Well worry no more, because the fine people at Black Milk Clothing have you covered with their fantastic Steve Buscemi dress.
But if Steve’s not your thing, Black Milk has plenty more to fit your movie fashion desires, including dresses based on The Shining, The Phantom From 10,000 Leagues, Lord of the Rings, a Beetlejuice bodysuit, and even Matrix leggings.
You can check out their styles after the jump, but they have even more over at their web site, including some awesome patriotic swimsuits. Basically, I’m giving you more reasons to go ogle the model some more. While $100 might seem a little expensive for Buscemi’s face clinging to your lady parts, winning a man’s heart by wearing someone’s creepy face over your body is priceless.

(Hat tip to Buzzfeed)