Worst Anti-Piracy Ad Ever

I’m definitely not one of these “STEALING CONTENT IS TOTALLY OKAY!” hippies, but if I was going to create an ad explaining why you shouldn’t illegally download movies, I doubt a big budget turd based on a board game and starring Rihanna would be where I’d start.

Universal Pictures U.K. and the Industry Trust for IP Awareness have united to deploy the studio’s upcoming tentpole Battleship, with Liam Neeson and Rihanna among its crew, in the war against piracy.
The 30-second spot [WATCH IT BELOW] will be shown in all cinemas across the U.K. over an eight-week period ending May 10.
Edited with film content, the trailer turns the camera on the viewer to capture the emotions that watching film and TV can evoke with the legend that these as “moments worth paying for.”
It’s part of the Industry Trust for IP Awareness’ campaign entitled “Moments Worth Paying For” and is the first in a series of title-specific ad spots beginning in theaters to boost anti-piracy sentiment amongst consumers.

Don’t ruin our brilliant plan to capitalize on name recognition by naming a recycled script after a 50-year-old board game! PLEASE, WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE EXECUTIVES?!

Universal Pictures U.K. managing director Niels Swinkels said: “Showcasing our summer blockbuster Battleship, the message reinforces the notion that films like this are made to be seen on the big screen and deepens cinemagoers’ understanding that their support is essential for us to continue to deliver such unique experiences.” [THR]

“Unique experiences?” Holy shit, dude. Serious question: are you high? Anyway, don’t download Battleship. You wouldn’t want to risk the possibility that the studio wouldn’t be able to make another Battleship. I mean that would be, like, uh… terrible.

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