Wow. So Shane Black actually IS taking over Iron Man 3.

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02.18.11 12 Comments

"I left that pie to cool right here and now it's gone. Anyone seen Kilmer?"

That 80s buddy cop flick genius Shane Black was one of the candidates being looked at as a replacement for Jon Favreau just seemed like one of those stories movie nerds get super excited over and then never hear about again.  But it sounds like it’s actually happening.  I’m so excited I didn’t even bother to suck the Cheetos crumbs off my fingers before I typed this.

The ever secretive Marvel Studios is in final negotiations with Shane Black to direct Iron Man 3 set to be released on May 3, 2013. As you know , IM1 and IM2 director Jon Favreau begged off to helm Magic Kingdom at Disney [puke] so his relationship with the franchise ran its course. Shane is first and foremost a writer but it’s not clear whether he’ll be penning the IM3 script as well. “That’s not figured out,” our source says. Of course, everyone in and around Marvel is keeping mum. [Deadline]

I can’t blame anyone for being excited about this.  I still remember one of my favorite Shane Black exchanges, from Long Kiss Goodnight:

Geena Davis: Same principle as deflowering virgins.  I read it in this Harold Robbins book.  A guy bites her on the ear, distracts from the pain.  You ever try that?

Samuel L. Jackson:  No.  I usually sock ’em in the jaw and yell ‘Pop goes the weasel.’

But as much as I love Shane Black, I can’t be too excited.  Marvel is still the company rushes movies into production and is rumored to push hard to cross-promote their other movies, two things that seem like they’d clash hard with a guy who’s particular about his scripts.  At this point in the franchise, Shane Black directing an Iron Man movie is kind of like watching Clive Owen bang an aging cocktail waitress.  I’d explain that further, but I think the analogy speaks for itself.

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