'You look like Taylor Lautner,' teacher tells student she seduced

A 31-year-old 9th grade English teacher in Hemet, California (Riverside County is the Florida of California) has been accused of having illicit sex with a 17-year-old student, a relationship that allegedly began when she told him he looked like Twilight star Taylor Lautner. My sources say the boy tried to hide the romance, but failed on account of being a horrible, horrible actor.

A Hemet High school student told police his teacher seduced him and had sex with him in her locked classroom, according to a search warrant.

Yeah, I bet it’s real hard to “seduce” a 17-year-old male. You have to be all coy and suave, and say things like “Hey, kid! Free pussy!”

The student told a district employee about the relationship, who notified sheriff’s deputies the night of Feb. 29.
Deputies arrested Ramirez the next day at the Hemet Unified School District offices. She was released on $100,000 bond and has not been charged.
The student was Ramirez’s teacher’s aide during his sophomore and junior years. He said the sexual relationship began when he was 16. On the last day of class his sophomore year, he said, Ramirez told him he looked like actor Taylor Lautner from the “Twilight” movies. She then hugged and kissed him, according to the search warrant.
The boy returned as her teacher’s aide during his junior year. He said Ramirez would often compliment his looks and began talking to him more.
The student said he asked her for help on a school essay last fall. When they were alone in the classroom working on the essay, she kissed him again. The teen said he began making out with Ramirez and she began fondling him. The next day, the boy returned to the classroom to print the essay. He said Ramirez kissed him as he was leaving and guided him to her chair where she performed a sex act.

Ooh la la, she “performed a sex act,” did she? They make blowjobs sound so fancy!

In December, Ramirez asked to talk to the teen, he told authorities. When he went to her class after fourth period, he said, Ramirez kissed him again and the two had sex, according to the warrant.
The boy told authorities he sent Ramirez a text message that their relationship had to end. Ramirez said her husband was “mean to her” and they were arguing, according to the search warrant. The boy said Ramirez told him another teacher wanted to have an affair, but she wanted to be with the student.
The student said Ramirez would randomly check his phone to make sure he was not talking to anyone or sending messages about their relationship. The student said he deleted the text message he sent to her before reporting it to police. [Riverside Press-Enterprise]

This is an outrage, and she should most certainly be charged with a crime and sent to prison, and the school forced to undergo a full investigation. I find it sick and disgusting and wrong that someone who reads Twilight would be allowed to teach English.