Zac Efron Is An EDM DJ In ‘We Are Your Friends,’ AKA ‘Swingers’ For Millennials

Well here’s a trailer everyone older than 26 will hate! We Are Your Friends, from director Max Joseph and screenwriter Meaghan Oppenheimer, stars Zac Efron, Jonny Weston, and crew, as your prototypical mildly impoverished LA bros with a dream: a dream to one day score hot chicks by playing with their laptops at parties. That’s right, it’s a young-people-screwing story set in the world of EDM DJs. GRR, MILLENNIALS!

“It’s the DJ’s job to get them out of their heads and into their bodies,” DJ Jazzy Efron tells us via voiceover, as Emily Rat A J Kowski grooves to the beat. Then she dares him (DARES) him to “amp it up.” Duh, lady, that’s what all the knobs are for. Efron spins the ones and twos like only he can and boom, instant party success.

Then Wes Bentley (aka Futurebeard from The Hunger Games) shows up and he’s all like, “Bro, I liked your moves out there. The way you fiddled those knobs really spoke to me. Granted I was off my ass on molly, but I think you be the knob fiddler I’ve been looking for.”

Okay, not exactly. But he actually says “Sounds have soul. Build them from scratch. Find new ones. Get your head outta that laptop and start listening to what the real world is trying to tell you.” At which point Zac Efron apparently makes a crappy EDM song out of wind noise and staple gun sounds. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I used to buy CDS in a store so I’m way too old to understand this.

Long story short, good luck pretending not to despise everything about this in order to ogle Emily Ratajkowski dancing. Which frankly seems like a pretty accurate reflection of the EDM experience as a whole.

Opens August 28th.