A Glitch Makes The ‘Mortal Kombat X’ Version Of Jason Just As Unkillable As He Is In The Movies

Anybody who’s taken in a Friday the 13th movie or two (or 10) knows that Jason Voorhees is a hard guy to keep down. Drown him, electrocute him, explode him, and he just keeps coming back. Well, a newly discovered glitch in Mortal Kombat X takes this to a ridiculous extreme.

In Mortal Kombat X, Jason has the ability to revive himself with a small amount of life after he’s been knocked out, but this ability also works when he’s been torn apart by an over-the-top Brutality. This leads to weird situations, like Jason getting the lower half of his body torn off, then coming back to life and standing up on legs that no longer exist. You can check out the legless scenario up above, and a headless Jason coming back to life below.

Knowing Mortal Kombat‘s sense of humor, I have a feeling this “glitch” may actually be intentional. Even if it isn’t, I bet the makers of the game aren’t in a rush to patch it.

(via Kotaku)