‘Ant-Man’ Probably Has Three Villains. Here’s Their Identities And Who’s Playing Them.

Say, want to know who the villains of the upcoming Ant-Man movie are? Haha, no, “Marvel Studios executives” don’t count.

Now, this is all still rumor, but these villains seem pretty plausible. Also, one of these villain reveals is pretty major SPOILER, so consider yourself warned.

A reporter from TheWrap recently offered up this info…

For those not up on their second-string Marvel characters, Darren Cross is the founder of Cross Technological Enterprises, another Marvel Universe tech company along the lines of Stark Enterprises and Oscorp. So yes, another Marvel movie with an evil businessman for a villain. That Marvel sure does hate money!

The cousin Patrick Wilson is playing is William Cross, aka Crossfire. Crossfire is kind of a b-level Bullseye, who is an expert in brainwashing techniques in addition to being a deadly marksman.

A little uninspiring so far, but according to Baddass Digest, Yellowjacket is also going to be a villain. Yellowjacket is one of Hank Pym’s many alter egos, so will Michael Douglas be pulling a Robert Redford? Possibly — Hank Pym has rarely been an outright villain in the comics, but he’s frequently been a pretty scummy human being. Hank Pym as a conflicted/misunderstood villain seems likely at the very least.

I dunno, I guess these villains are okay, but I really had my heart set on Egghead.

Via Bleeding Cool & Badass Digest