Ash Blasts Deadites Into Bloody Pixels In The 8-Bit Cinema Version Of ‘Army Of Darkness’

Sam Raimi’s Army of Darkness has inspired a handful of (mostly super terrible) video games over the years, but the games only came once the movie became a runaway cult-hit in the late-’90s. Back in 1992, when the movie first snuck into theaters, it didn’t attract much of an audience and while The Evil Dead got a mostly unknown Commodore 64 game, it certainly didn’t get the NES or SNES game it obviously deserved. Freddy and Jason got tons of 8-bit games, Dominos Pizza’s The Noid got a game, but no old-school love for Ash and the Evil Dead series.

Well, the folks at CineFix are making up for that travesty (sorta) with the 8-Bit Cinema version of Army of Darkness. It’s all here, the introduction of the 8-bit boomstick, Ash fighting the tiny versions of himself, flubbing the Necronomicon incantation and, of course, returning to S-Mart for one last battle at the end. I don’t care what anybody says, that’s the real ending to the movie. Hail to the king, baby.

Now, how about somebody get to work on a good Evil Dead/Army of Darkness game that’s actually playable? If Evil Dead can return as a TV series, I don’t think a game that doesn’t suck is out of the realm of possibility.

(via CineFix)