The Next ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Game Has Reportedly Been Revealed Thanks To A T-Shirt

05.31.17 11 months ago 4 Comments


Assassin’s Creed took a much-needed break after the release of Syndicate back in 2015. The series had started to roll closer and closer to the 20th century and started to run into some unique issues where the real-world characters the player could run into would have descendants that didn’t want their family murdered in a video game. Ubisoft was using the year away from the series to improve game mechanics and address player complaints from Syndicate and the bug-plagued Unity. And now it seems that the company is ready to release a new game by the end of this year, with some details leaking out in some odd places.

A leaked screenshot from the rumored game appeared on Reddit at the start of May, seeming to confirm rumors that the next Assassin’s Creed would take us back to Ancient Egypt. Now another leak has come along, showing a t-shirt for the upcoming game that features a good look at the main character, his gear, a possible date for the setting, and a title:

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