The Avengers Will Star In A Video Game From The ‘Tomb Raider’ Team

01.26.17 1 year ago

Marvel has taken over the movies, dominated Netflix, and sold a pile of comics, but one medium where lately we haven’t seen many of Marvel’s heroes is in video games. Aside from Disney Infinity and Lego, the Marvel universe has largely been absent from big-budget gaming of late. But all that is changing, and Marvel has some pretty big names doing it.

Just announced today, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal will be working on a game starring the Avengers, published by Square Enix as part of a multi-game deal with Marvel. The trailer, as you can see, implies rather heavily that the Avengers got pretty brutally disassembled at some point in the game’s continuity, and the player’s job will be to recruit a new team. There’s also a lot of talent, here: Crystal Dynamics is best known for its work on the Tomb Raider series, particularly the excellent reboots, and Eidos Montreal worked on both the Tomb Raider reboots and the equally well-done Deus Ex franchise. Considering the team’s expertise, we can probably expect a lot of dungeon crawling.

Interestingly, this won’t be slowing down Lara Croft, at least; it was recently leaked that the next entry, supposedly titled Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, is in the works. And there’s no word yet when this Avengers game might be arriving, but likely we’ll see more of it as 2017 progresses.

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