‘Battlefield 1’ Unveils Its Dramatic, Bloody Single-Player Stories In A New Trailer

EA has shown players a pretty solid amount of Battlefield 1 gameplay footage, but so far most of it has been lifted from the game’s multiplayer component, or delivered via impressive, yet contextless teaser trailers. Battlefield 1 will have a full single-player campaign, so what can we expect from the game’s story?

Well, Battlefield 1 finally gives us a hint in its latest trailer. Unlike past Battlefield games, which told one story through the eyes of a single protagonist, developer DICE is experimenting with an anthology format this time around. Battlefield 1 will instead deliver a series of shorter campaigns called “War Stories,” featuring different characters, in unique locations. The new trailer shows off several of them.

First off, there’s Through the Mud and Blood, which focuses on a young soldier who’s been assigned to a British Mark V tank crew. You’ll learn to master your tank and bond with your teammates, as you take on a dangerous mission. Another one of the game’s stories features real-life historical figure Lawrence of Arabia. You’ll play a female Arab rebel who must help Lawrence destroy a giant armored Ottoman train. The trailer also seems to hint at a story featuring fighter pilots, but DICE has yet to provide any details on that one.

With the current trend towards multiplayer-only shooters like Star Wars Battlefront, Titanfall, and Overwatch, it’s exciting to see EA and DICE trying something ambitious with Battlefield 1‘s single-player. World War I was the backdrop to countless memorable, exciting, heartbreaking stories, so hopefully Battlefield 1 captures a little of that drama.

Battlefield 1 storms shelves October 21.

(Via Battlefield Blog)