Become A ’90s Secret Agent With The ‘GoldenEye 007’ Theme For Smartwatches

One of the many cool little touches that made GoldenEye 007 such a memorable game was that pausing didn’t just take you to a static menu screen, but instead caused the camera to zoom in your futuristic spy watch. Anybody old enough to have been gaming during the N64-era is has always desperately wanted this watch…

Well, real-life technology is finally catching up to the imagination of video game designers from the mid-90s. Motorola recently released Moto 360 (essentially a small, round smartphone for your wrist) and there’s already an app available that turns it into a James Bond fashion accessory from 1997.

You can’t make it shoot a laser or magically store guns in it, but the blue and red health bars on the side will decrease as your watch’s battery life wears down. If you want the GoldenEye interface, just hit the Google Play store and search for “Secret Agent Watchface”. Have fun, just don’t go stealing any tanks.

Via Eurogamer