The 10 Best ‘Star Wars’ Video Games In The Galaxy (And 5 Of The Worst)

05.12.16 2 years ago 39 Comments
best star wars video games


Last Updated: May 12th

Need something to occupy you as you wait for Star Wars: Episode VIII to come out? Well, why not play a Star Wars video game? There’s certainly enough of them – there have been more than 100 Star Wars games released over the past three-decades-plus, covering pretty much every genre imaginable.

Most Star Wars games are pretty good, or at least above average by licensed game standards, but when you make more than 100 games, a few of them are sure to be stinkers. So, here are the best Star Wars games every Jedi-in-training should play, and some other games that should be shipped off to the Sarlacc pit…

Note: We’re going to start off with the 10 best Star Wars video games, then we’re taking a turn to The Dark Side with the five worst.

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The Force is With Them

10) Star Wars Battlefront (PC, Xbox One & PS4, 2015)

The latest Star Wars Battlefront may not be a perfect game, but it is a groundbreakingly beautiful one, which really immerses you in the world of Star Wars in a way few other games ever have. Will Star Wars Battlefront stand the test of time? Maybe, maybe not, but right now, in late 2015, it feels like it at least deserves to be in the conversation when discussing the most notable Star Wars games of all-time.

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