The Amazingly Ridiculous ‘Blood Dragon’ Universe Is Returning, But Not How You Might Expect

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was one of the greatest gags in video game history. Blood Dragon took the already pretty-good Far Cry 3 and turned it into an absurd, neon-drenched ode to the ’80s, starring Michael Biehn of Terminator fame. Blood Dragon wasn’t just goofy fun, though. It was actually a solid game in its own right.

Well, it seems as though Blood Dragon is returning, although not in the form you might expect. Eagle-eyed fans have spotted a new listing for something called Trials of the Blood Dragon on website for Taiwan’s software ratings board. While this game could be a full-on Blood Dragon sequel, it’s more likely a Blood Dragon-themed version of the Ubisoft-published Trials series. For those not familiar, the Trials games are all about pulling off cool tricks on souped-up motorbikes, which would fit well with Blood Dragon‘s radical, badical ’80s aesthetic.

Of course, some fans will be disappointed this isn’t a full-on open world Blood Dragon sequel, but I wouldn’t lose hope. This year’s Far Cry Primal actually contained an Easter egg reference to Blood Dragon

I have a feeling another Blood Dragon game is in the works. Will it be another Far Cry expansion, or a full stand-alone game? It’s impossible to say, but Ubisoft isn’t one to leave a potentially lucrative property untapped.

(Via Destructoid)