Check Out Some Of The Insane Challenges You Can Create In Nintendo’s ‘Mario Maker’

It may not be a polygon-pushing, triple-A beast, but Mario Maker is one of the most exciting games being shown at this year’s E3. Being able to create your own Super Mario levels is something we’ve been waiting a long time for, and it looks like Mario Maker will give amateur game designers the tools to make some truly crazy stuff.

Stick Bowser in World 1-1? You can do that. Pile a giant squid on top of two Hammer Bros. on top of a Bob-omb in a terrifying stack of death? Go for it. Fill an entire room with bouncy platforms, cannons and turtle shells? Why, it’s downright encouraged.

You can check out the latest Mario Maker trailer above, and you can see below some of the best Super Mario players in the world trying out some of Nintendo’s most devious, ridiculous Mario Maker creations.

I have a feeling my Wii U might become my full-time Mario Maker box once this game comes out.