Chuck Norris + World of Warcraft = Old Meme

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This ad might as well feature a Tauren getting on some water-skis, because this has to be WoW’s shark-jumping moment. Chuck Norris jokes, Blizzard? Really? Are you that hard up for cash?

Or, actually, this marks the moment that marks when Blizzard realizes that it’s squeezed the faithful for all the cash they can really get out of them, and starts trying to rake in cash from your dad. This ad debuted, apparently, during a football game. Yes, one of the nerdiest pastimes on the Internet ran an ad during a football game. And let’s face it, only your dad is laughing at Chuck Norris facts anymore, so it’s pretty obvious who they’re trying to lure in.

Please, please, please let them join on a PvP server.

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