‘Civilization VI’ Is Coming To Destroy Your Free Time Later This Year

Get ready to surrender your life strategy fans, because Civilization VI is on the way. While 2014 saw the release of the spacey Civilization: Beyond Earth, it’s been nearly six years since the last traditional entry in the series. It definitely doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, but I suppose time flies when you’re playing endless games of Civ.

According to Civilization developer Firaxis, the new game won’t be making a lot of drastic changes. Most of the features from Civilization V will be carried forward, with new features added. Apparently the major focus will be cities, which can now expand to cover several tiles, and will grant you various research bonuses based on where you place them. Diplomacy is also being revamped, as each rival leader will now have a specific agenda, which will alter how you deal with them. For the most part though, the focus is on keeping things familiar and comfy for longtime fans:

“We know that expectations are going to be high for [Civilization VI], so we felt that it was important to make sure that this game was going to be accessible. It wasn’t going to be like trying to learn an entire new game, but was something that they can connect with and pick up easily. It’ll be like a warm blanket.”

Visually, the game looks to be a return to the more colorful, cartoony style of Civilization IV, following the more streamlined, realistic look of Civilization V.

Civilization VI arrives to colonize fans’ hearts Oct. 21.

(Via The Verge)