‘Dark Souls III’ Looks Bigger, Faster And More Terrifying Than Ever In This First In-Game Footage

At this year’s E3, FromSoftware officially unveiled Dark Souls III at Microsoft’s press conference with a trailer that was heavy on chilling atmosphere, but it didn’t give much indication of how the latest Souls game would play. Well, Microsoft held another big presser at this year’s Gamescom (essentially the European version of E3), and they delivered a full, brutal gameplay trailer this time for Dark Souls III.

So, what’s Dark Souls III going to play like? Basically, like FromSoftware’s previous game, Bloodborne. The combat in Dark Souls III looks to be much faster and more aggressive than in the past, and everything just seems to have more of a horror-tinged edge. We even get some glimpses of a large city that looks distinctly like the one from Bloodborne. You can check out all the craziness and giant bosses at the top of this post.

What do you think about the Dark Souls series following the same path as Bloodborne? I enjoyed Bloodborne, but I also kind of preferred the more deliberate pace of combat in earlier Souls games. Then again, Dark Souls III does have a giant skeleton king for you to fight, so you can probably ignore my petty concerns. Dark Souls III arrives to kick your ass in the first half of 2016.