Honest Trailers Falls Into A Controller-Shattering Rage Spiral With ‘Dark Souls III’

Warning: The video above and words below contain Dark Souls III spoilers. Not that the Dark Souls storyline makes much sense even after it’s been spoiled, but proceed with caution nonetheless.

Did a good portion of your office not show up to work on Tuesday? Have you been noticing guys staggering around in public in a daze, as if they just awoke from a terrible nightmare? Don’t worry, nothing truly sinister is going on — the latest Dark Souls has just been released. And yes, you forgot to pick up your pre-order, so get ye to the GameStop.

As you might expect, the Honest Trailer for Dark Souls III is mostly about the game’s soul-crushing difficulty, dishing on some of the specifics that are really going to drive you crazy. Dragons breathing fire on bridges! Asshole knights shooting you with giant arrows! No less than three poison swamp areas! The horror, the horror.

But hey, Dark Souls III isn’t all about punishing you. There are new mechanics! Which you won’t use. And, uh, you get to see the end of the story you never understood! Listen, I know if doesn’t sound like it, but these games are actually good. Seriously! I think? If you need me, I’ll be dying repeatedly on the first boss.

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