Deadpool Finally Gets His Video Game Back

Before Deadpool was a violent, profane, R-rated comedy full of dong jokes, it was a violent, profane, M-rated video game full of dong jokes. And it was great, but it was also hard to find: A few months after the game was released, Marvel’s contract with Activision ran out, and Marvel pulled a fair chunk of its licensed games off digital storefronts. This is why you can’t find Marvel vs. Capcom games digitally, either.

But! It appears that the Merc with a Mouth has gotten a reprieve. Kotaku has noted the game has quietly reappeared on Steam, for $40. Which isn’t a great price for a game that’s two years old and engineered for the last generation of consoles, but hey, at least you can play it.

And you should! Back when we thought a Deadpool movie was going to be nothing more than a pipe dream, Activision actually went out of their way to give fans what they wanted. They packed the game with obscure cameos; got a beloved writer of the comics, Daniel Way, to write the script; and put licensed game experts High Moon Studios, who’d just salvaged the Transformers from years of crappy games, in charge (although that didn’t work out so great in the end). The result was a breezy game that was actually funny, both to nerds and just in general. This cut scene sums the game up pretty well.

A quick check of the PlayStation Store and the Xbox Store indicates that the console versions have yet to return for sale. But if you’ve got a decent PC gaming rig, and enjoy tasteless comedy, it will be $40 well spent.

(Via Kotaku and IMDb)