Deadpool’s Game Comes To PS4 With A Dubstep-Filled Trailer

Okay, so perhaps this is Activision shamelessly cashing in on the hype surrounding Deadpool’s upcoming cinematic adventure. In fact, that’s exactly what it is. But it’s nice to see this game coming back, and coming back on current-gen consoles, no less.

It’s not really clear what you’ll be getting for your $50, beyond improved graphics; it doesn’t seem like there’s much to this beyond, well, the original game, although it does include the DLC from the original release, giving you two extra levels and a few alternate costumes to dress Wade up in. But, as we’ve noted elsewhere, the gameplay was a sturdy and fun vehicle to deliver the script. Said script is packed with comics in-jokes, metacommentary on both the nature of video games and Deadpool’s eternal appeal, and also Deadpool motorboating Cable’s pecs and punching Mr. Sinister right in his blue-spandexed dong. Seriously, that last never, ever gets old.

We won’t have to wait long to see the game in action; it’ll be arriving for PS4 and Xbox One next week. Deadpool’s movie, sadly, we won’t be seeing until Valentine’s Day weekend. Really, it’s for the best, because Deadpool is somebody you want to share with the one you love, especially because he’ll probably be into it.

(via YouTube)