‘Dishonored 2’ Shows Off How To Beat A Level In Two Different Ways

The first Dishonored was a huge surprise hit, mixing sprawling levels packed with secrets with mechanics that let you choose to sneak through levels, or skewer everything in your path. The sequel, which features both original protagonist Corvo Attano and his charge and protégé Emily Kaldwin, looks to be sticking close to the original, complete, in these two playthroughs, with plenty of options for putting enemies in the ground or sprinting past them with ease.

The plot is fairly straightforward: Emily has lost her throne, and she and Corvo are working to take it back. Taking place mostly in the fictional city of Karnaca, roughly equivalent to a city in Spain, you once again have a list of targets to whittle down, whether you decide to straight-up assassinate them or, well, just watch the “high chaos” playthrough below:

The “non-fatal” options in the last game tend to make their targets wish they were dead, and that appears to be an ongoing theme in the second game, too. There’s also a change or two in mechanics, as Emily’s “blink” ability is more like a grappling hook that can either pull her up onto ledges or pull enemies to her for knocking out or dismembering. You’ll be able to choose the chaos you sow on Nov. 11.