Disney May Be Quietly Licensing Nintendo’s Characters

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06.26.15 3 Comments


Nintendo, as a company, has been protective of its characters and games to an unusual degree. Recently, though, the company appears to have loosened up a bit: It struck a deal with Universal Studios to use their characters in theme parks, and it got Activision to let the Amiibo horn in on that Skylanders action. Both of these moves have raised the eyebrows of long-time Nintendo watchers, and it makes this rumor from GoNintendo all the more credible: Nintendo might be getting into the Disney business.

Disney and Nintendo already have a relationship; Bowser appeared in Wreck-It Ralph and Nintendo actually encouraged the filmmakers to work in Mario, an idea that ultimately didn’t pan out. And Nintendo recently worked with another arm of Disney to build Star Fox Muppets. The rumor actually isn’t too crazy: Essentially, Amiibo would work in Disney Infinity, and Disney would use Nintendo’s characters in movies where appropriate.

The big question, of course, is whether Nintendo is feeling out movie studios to get their characters on screens in their own movies. According to a rumor, there’s already a Legend of Zelda series potentially on the way, and it’s a natural fit: Depending on who you ask, Mario is more recognizable than Mickey Mouse. But for now, we’ll see where this rumored relationship takes us.

(via GoNintendo)

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