Roleplaying As Donald Trump In ‘Civilization V’ Quickly Brought The Apocalypse

09.27.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

The Steam Workshop is a glorious corner of the PC gaming universe. For Civilization V fans, it offers limitless customization to a game that can already be played forever. With a click of a button, user-created mods can be installed into Civ V, adding new leaders and civilizations — from the Seven Kingdoms featured in Game of Thrones to Bioshock’s Rapture. There are mods so sophisticated they’ll allow you to tailor your game to your exact liking, whether you’re just looking to take one more turn or make the entire world great again with the help of Donald Trump.

Last year, Civ 5 modders SeaKraken and Ballistic decided that America and the whole world in Civilization V just wasn’t great. In earnest, they decided to make it great again. In the Donald Trump’s America mod, Donald Trump is a businessman, reality show host, and possible soon-to-be ruler of the free world.

But who would be brave enough to rule America as Trump? Who could pick up his orange tanner and expertly coif the hair of the soul in order to simulate Earth under the rule of The Donald? Me.

I would become Trump.

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