Beautiful Landscapes Meet The Undead In 15 Minutes Of New ‘Dying Light: The Following’ Footage

As we recently revealed, the first big expansion to the surprise hit Dying Light will be trading in urban grittiness for a bit of natural splendor in its first big expansion. Also, we’ll be getting dune buggies! That all sounds pretty sweet, but how will this expansion actually play?

Well, developer Techland just released 15 minutes of uncut footage from Dying Light: The Following and things are looking pretty good. The countryside “outback” environments look genuinely impressive, investigating old farm houses has a distinctively Walking Dead-like feel, and again, dune buggies. Can’t go wrong with squashing zombies with dune buggies! Honestly, I think a lot of developers could learn a lesson from what Techland is doing here. If more games gave you entirely new, different-feeling worlds as DLC, I think gamers would be significantly less cynical about the whole concept.

Dying Light: The Following still doesn’t have a specific release date, but it will cost a very reasonable $14.99 when it does finally arrive.

(via Hey Poor Player)