‘Fallout 4’ Is So Huge, Nobody At Bethesda Has Seen All Of It

It’s generally expected that the people who develop a game know it inside and out. After all, they built the thing. But apparently Fallout 4 is so sprawling, nobody, not even the producer and director, has seen all of it.

In a roundtable interview with PC Gamer… well, the quote from Todd Howard, the game’s director, really says it all:

“I’ll be playing the game and run into something and be like, ‘Who built this? What is this? It’s so big!’ “

Yeah, he’s never living those last two questions down, but that does give you a sense of just how far you can go afield in the Boston area. The game’s lead producer has logged 400 hours playing the game and is still discovering new things. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll have a bunch of quests that will take you to the very edge of the map, or that there’s necessarily much to do, just that it’s got a lot to explore.

With that said, I hope their dedication to accuracy leads them to license with Dunkin’ Donuts. Really, if this game is going to be remotely accurate to Boston, you should always be within a 5-minute walk of a Dunkin’ Donuts, no matter where you are in the map. Yes, even in the sewers.

(Via PC Gamer)