‘Far Cry: New Dawn’ Made Its Debut And All The Other Major Moments From The Game Awards


The 2018 Video Game Awards aired on Twitter on Thursday night. God of War won Game of the Year, which is fitting that in 2018 a franchise reboot took top honors. But along with award winners there was plenty of gaming news to be had, as developers took the opportunity to drop some trailers and teasers for some upcoming titles while a significant portion of the internet was paying attention to the video game world.

Perhaps the biggest announcement on Thursday night was that Far Cry: New Dawn took that whole apocalypse ending thing pretty seriously. A trailer for the sequel to Far Cry 5 sets things 17 years after it all went, well, bombs away if you got to a certain ending. Now, Hope County appears to be a much different, more Jet Grind Radio-colored place.

“We were just kids when the bombs dropped and the world went to shit,” a narrator says as the video shows a deer with bright pink antlers grazing the colorful apocalypse. “They said it would be the end of everything, but for us it was just the beginning.”

The trailer shows two women pulling up to an established settlement and demanding it be theirs. Far Cry: New Dawn looks to handle the post-apocalyptic world a bit better than some game makers have in recent weeks when the sequel drops on February 15.

But, of course, Far Cry’s latest wasn’t the only game to get a first look at Thursday’s event. Mortal Kombat 11 also dropped a lengthy trailer that showed plenty of, well, combat.

Smash Bros. Ultimate is just a few days away from finally getting released and that title is already big enough, so announcing Joker from Persona 5 as a character in the Challenger Pack 1 just seems mean to all the Waluigi fans out there.

Hello Games also released a trailer for The Last Campfire, which looks equal parts mysterious and adorable and had a slick tune to go with it.

Another big announcement is that Bioware is actually making progress on Dragon Age 4. A teaser of the long-awaited sequel was part of the festivities on Thursday, giving fans a glimpse of, well, dragons.

Obsidian, recently purchased by Microsoft, also had something to show off on Thursday. The makers of Fallout: New Vegas teased a new title for 2019: The Outer Worlds.

Some have described it as “Fallout in space” which, if it’s anything like the Fallout Obsidian made, will be good. Plenty of gamers will be eager to see these trailers and teasers become reality, but a number of these look ripe for awards at next year’s show.

Speaking of the awards, the night’s best part was probably when Dominique “SonicFox” McLean won the award for best Esports player.

Basically, Joel McHale gave an award to a furry, who was hilarious and charming. It was all very good.

The whole show is archived on Twitter if you need to catch up as well. As you can see, there was a lot going on.