Check Out How ‘Far Cry Primal’ Brings The Stone Age To Life, And Get Some Tips On Survival

You have to hand it to Ubisoft: they’re certainly not afraid to do their research. They could have gone the Flintstones route with Far Cry Primal and most people probably wouldn’t have objected, but they went the extra mile, hiring historians, anthropologists and linguists to make sure the game was as accurate as possible. Far Cry Primal‘s setting isn’t generic, it takes place in a very specific time and place, and a lot of thought has been put into differentiating the game’s various warring tribes. As we touched on before, they even invented three new languages for the game and were really serious about teaching said languages to the game’s voice actors and motion capture crew. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m going to notice all this stuff that much as I’m spearing mammoths, but it’s cool to know it’s there.

While we’re at it, Ubisoft has also released a series of Stone Age survival videos. Learn how to hunt, defend your food sources, use fire to your advantage, fight sabertooth tigers and, uh, handle badgers? Sure, why not. Who am I to judge how cavemen got their jollies?

The past comes alive when Far Cry Primal arrives on February 23.