‘Farming Simulator’ Is Actually Making A Competitive Farming Esports League

01.23.19 5 months ago



Video games do a lot of different things for people. Some like the distraction of getting lost in another world. Others use them to relax. And some really do like simulating real life things in a virtual world. Farming simulators like Stardew Valley are lovely, relaxing social games where you actually grow crops and mine for gems. Those people in that last group may be a big fans of Farming Simulator, one of the various simulation games you might poke fun of from time to time.

Farming Simulator is different in that the game actually asks gamers to use simulated modern farming equipment to efficently grow and harvest crops. The games have legions of fans, and Giants Software, which makes Farming Simulator 19, wants to make sure those same people who love using virtual tractors can get a bit competitive, too. The Swiss video game maker announced on Wednesday that it’s starting an Esports league for its farming game.

The league will take place around Europe, with 10 tournaments where gamers compete for points that go toward an overall championship team. This is the second year the league has actually existed, but Season Two has a total prize pool of 250,000 euros and some big changes to how the game will work competitively.

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