Give A Hoot About ‘Owlboy’ And The Five Games To Play This Week


Every week, there are more games for more platforms than ever demanding our attention. So, each week, we pick five games that deserve your time and money. This week, we begin with a game that might induce nostalgia that never actually existed.

Pick Of The Week: Owlboy, Today ($25, Steam, Switch)

It’s hard to squeeze more personality out of the 16-bit aesthetic than D-Pad Studio did with Owlboy. Characters that look like they sprang to life out of an Asterix cartoon star in an earnest love letter to SNES-era puzzle platformers. The game is imbued with personality and ultimately tells a story about failure being an important component in the path to success. Plus, it’s about a cute-as-a-button owl boy. What’s not to like?

Secret Of Mana, Thursday ($40, PS4, Vita and PC)

Last week, Shadow of the Colossus got the remastered/remake treatment. Now it’s Secret of Mana‘s turn. One of the most acclaimed and beloved RPGs of all time gets the full current-gen revamp. If you’re a Secret of Mana person, you’ve probably already pre-ordered this one, and if you’ve never given it a whirl, there’s no better time than now, when it looks incredible.

The Fall Part 2: Unbound, Today ($17, Steam, PS4, Xbox One and Switch)

This stylish quasi-puzzle-platformer builds on the first installment, with an emphasis on story (or narrative, if you prefer) and interactivity. The deep worldbuilding and atmospheric elements are the selling point of this game, which has a wonderfully low price tag.

Fe, Friday ($20 Switch, Origin, Xbox One and PC)

Speaking of stylish, the gaming world currently has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to achingly gorgeous games. This offering from EA has you controlling a tiny fox to save your forest, and if this trailer doesn’t make it seem like you’re about to play the world’s most triumphant indie drama film, then something has gone awry.

Dynasty Warriors 9, Today ($60, PS4, Xbox One, and PC)

If you’ve played any of the first eight(!) installments of the sprawling Dynasty Warriors franchise, you know the score here. Koei’s most popular and successful property returns in the latest iteration of hacking and slashing your way through waves of enemies. If that sort of thing is your bag, you’ve come to the right place.