Good News, Pet-Loving Gamers: Dogmeat Can’t Die In ‘Fallout 4’

The microsecond you become a dog owner, you suddenly lose all tolerance for seeing dogs injured or killed in entertainment. This is absolutely ridiculous, mind you, but if you own a dog, it’s going to happen. So, it’s with great relief that I report to you that Dogmeat is immortal in Fallout 4.

This is actually straight from Bethesda itself:

So, don’t worry. No matter how terrible a shot you are, no matter what you run into in Boston, your friend Dogmeat won’t die. That doesn’t mean he can’t be injured, and I suspect we’ll see a whole bunch of videos delivering swift and painful vengeance on any foe who targets Dogmeat, but at least you won’t have to bury your dog amidst the ruins of civilization.

(Via Twitter)