‘GTA V’ Travels To A Galaxy Far, Far Away For This ‘Star Wars’ Lightsaber Battle

You’re minding your own business, relaxing at your local cantina while you wait on your speeder to get its engine fixed, then the next thing you know a maniac is going full-Han shot first on everyone in the place. This would be just another wild moment on Tatooine, or Los Santos, if Star Wars was mashed together in the Death Star’s garbage compacter.

After a month of special effect work, GTA V machina guru Boris The Blade created this epic showdown between two of Los Santos’ most powerful criminals, re-imagining them as Sith and Jedi. Watch Trevor summon force lightning, showing he’s more powerful than anyone ever imagined. Gasp in awe as Michael wields his lightsaber like a man who just wants to connect with… his family?

Unfortunately, we’ll never see a fully-realized Grand Theft Auto in a galaxy far far away, but we get close with this lightsaber duel between Darth Trevor and Michael Kenobi. Just try not to think about how these two career criminals got accepted into the Jedi Academy, or Trevor being brought under the wing of a Sith. These guys are smugglers, and we all know it.

(Via YouTube)