‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Will Get A Steam And Epic Games Store Release This August

One of Sony’s most unique console exclusives is headed for a surprise PC release in August. Guerrilla Games announced on Friday that Horizon Zero Dawn will arrive on both Steam and the Epic Games Store on August 7, removing the PS4 exclusive title just months before the console’s successor is expected to drop in late 2020.

The 2017 release will come with a few new bells and whistles when it drops in August. Most of them come on the graphical side with multiple ways to improve resolution, including an option for superwide resolutions. These graphic updates will only whet the appetite of those who wanted to play Horizon, but were unwilling to play it for the Playstation 4.

On top of the graphical updates, this PC edition will also carry The Frozen Wilds DLC as well, giving PC gamers the full Aloy experience. An experience that if you haven’t experienced yet, you absolutely should.

Rumors started flying in January about a potential PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn, but until today’s announcement nothing was substantiated. Also, Horizon isn’t the only PS4 exclusive to head to PC as Death Stranding will be out on PC later this month. With this release, it’s fair to wonder if the PS5 will see a similar re-release with updated graphics. A new title in the series, Horizon: Forbidden West, is reportedly slated for a release in 2021 and there are few better ways to stoke excitement than re-releasing this game for all to enjoy.