How Much Better Does ‘GTA V’ Look On PS4/Xbox One? Here’s A Handy Comparison Video.

Wow, this Grand Theft Auto V game looks like a very tranquil experience. 

At Sony’s E3 press conference they showed a brief trailer for a visually spiffed-up Grand Theft Auto V (don’t worry Microsoft fans, it’s also coming for Xbox One), but just how much better does this new GTA V look stacked up against the current version? Well, fans scouted out most of the locations in the trailer and created a handy dandy comparison video, so you can judge for yourself.

Check it out below…

Wow, a bigger visual leap than I was expecting! The lighting has been upgraded in a major way, and everything’s so lovely and grassy. Now we just need to see more of the characters — have they managed to add 50% more crazy to Trevor’s eyes?

Via Gameranx