‘Hyrule Warriors’ Has A Hilarious Skin-Swapping, Gender-Bending Glitch

Nintendo’s Zelda-meets-Dynasty Warriors mashup, Hyrule Warriors, is out in Japan and gamers there have already found a wonderfully twisted glitch. Basically, the glitch allows you to switch out your skin, while still using the moves of your original character — so, you can, say, move around and attack like Link, but look like Princess Zelda.

This leads to all sorts of amusing situations like the usually staid Link and Impa striking Lana’s sassy Japanese schoolgirl poses.

Lana gearing up to beat some ass with the Master Sword…

And Ganondorf doing battle with a dainty parasol…

This glitch will almost certainly be patched by the time the game hits North America, but just in case it’s not, here’s how to do it.

– Only doable in 2 player mode.

– For Player 1 select a character with multiple weapons – this will be the skin character.

– For Player 2 select a character with multiple weapons, but stop at weapon selection and go back to P1 weapon selection screen – this will be the actual character under the skin.

– Player 1’s weapons will be replaced by Player 2’s weapons.

If they don’t take this out, I’m totally playing through the entire game as Darunia the goron with Lana’s moves.

Via Nintendo 24/7